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Our studio is located in private children's medical center called Kind im Zentrum.

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Happy, Healthy Classroom

It would be great if you could come few minutes early for class so your child has enough time to settle in our musical environment.

Please do your best to finish food and coffee before coming into the building to prevent spills and to keep our studio clean for our little ones.

Feel free to nurse & bottle feed your baby anywhere you are comfortable ( in the class or outside in the waiting area). Please try to keep all toys and pacifiers out of sight and ensure snacks are finished prior to class. Your child will need to have hands and voices free to participate.

Relax and enjoy music with your young child. If your child cannot focus on the activities and does not sit by your side at all times - don’t worry. As long as your child is in the room he/she is participating.

Do I get a discount for twins/ second child?

Sure! You have a special discount of 50% for twin and other siblings in the same class. Sibling under 9 months can attend classes for free. Occasionally older children may need to come along to their younger siblings class, just let me know before!

Missed classes

If your child needs to be absent for any reason (illness, vacations), it’s not a problem just please send me an e-mail before your class. We unfortunately can't offer you a refund, but you will have the opportunity to make up that missed lesson at a later time.

In case of inclement weather please check your e-mail before leaving for class and/or Facebook. Both will be updated with news, you will be notified and we'll arrange a make up lesson. The same will apply if the teacher has to cancel due to illness.

Do I need to wait for the semester to begin?

No you can start anytime! Don't wait, we will prorate the costs if it is mid-month.


Unfortunately, once classes begin there are no refunds. Tuition cannot be refunded or prorated due to absences or illnesses but we will give you a credi